Specialist Settings

In order to reach their potential, children and young people being educated in specialist settings require a range of different strategies and interventions. Soundswell therapists have the right skills to support staff deliver these.

Specialist settings require a flexible approach, we will design a package specifically for your setting with measurable, whole setting objectives 

Challenging, exciting and rewarding places where speech and language therapy can make a real difference.  We have a strong team with the right skill-set to work with the most complex children and young people, delivering a quality service across a range of specialist settings. Our model offers a phased approach with transparent aims and objectives so that you are in
control of both budget and outcomes.

Special schools

Specialist secondary
settings (SEMH & ASD)

We will deliver an agreed intensive number of days so that a complete picture of needs quickly becomes clear

At the end of phase 1 → a comprehensive report and action plan identifying priorities for phase 2.

Implementing the action plan – aims, outcomes and anticpated impact are clearly identified

  • Inset days
  • Twilight sessions
  • Student-focussed empirical learning –  which lends itself well to the nature of speech and language therapy interventions and techniques 

Flexible & focussed entirely on the on-going needs of each individual setting

We encourage our schools and settings to make the most of the service we provide, but there is no 'take it or leave it' mentality.

We have a menu of options and we love the challenge of developing new approaches too.


If you are a mainstream or specialist provision, nursery, school, college or a SEND department

Contact us for a no obligation chat about your needs and how we could help

Please note:

Unfortunately, we are unable to take referrals from parents or carers for individual children or adults. If you are looking for help for a family member, try: www.helpwithtalking.com or here info@thespeechtherapypractice.com