Remote training for teaching staff: ” It’s good for the soul”

Remote training for teaching staff: ” It’s good for the soul”

After a day of frantic planning, Hayley and Sophie, (referred to as ‘ the dream team’ by Azita Zohhadi- Headteacher at Nelson Mandela Primary), were able to deliver a remote training session to teaching assistants and teachers working from home.

The session was tailor-made for this staff group, following a communication-friendly audit the therapists had undertaken earlier in the term. Normally the training would have been delivered face-to-face and over a longer period of time, however the challenge of working from home was turned into an opportunity to train large numbers of people without eating into teaching time or inset days.

After a test session to make sure everyone understood the technology, session 1 began. Inevitably there were a few teething issues, but pretty quickly everyone got into the swing of it and, by session 2 (which happened the next day), the dream team were really happy with what they managed to deliver.

We’ve not even had time to analyse the pre and post feedback to see what everyone learnt, but judging by the following comments it was a resounding success and “good for the soul”.

“Really enjoyed this training, it felt like we are in a virtual staff room! Thank you so much! “

“Really useful and fun too”

“I have really enjoyed today’s session, so much great information. You did great girls. Thank you so much”

“Thanks both of you; it’s been lovely catching up with everyone and keeping on thinking about the needs of the children.”

“It’s great to all be “together” “

In response to the closure of schools, Soundswell are developing a range of innovative ways of working with staff and pupils. If you’d like to know more please get in touch:

Written by Diana McQueen

March 26, 2020

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