Out of adversity

Out of advertsity

For some of our settings, lockdown opened up a massive opportunity to receive training – in far greater depth and over a wider range of topics that the normal life of the school would ever have been able to accommodate.

Small teams of therapists came together to explore, trial, adapt and develop training packages which could be delivered remotely to quite large staff groups. These were very well-received and an added spin-off was that staff felt they got to know their therapist/s far better because they were seeing far more of them!

Over time, many topics (such as Wellcomm and how to deliver Attention & Listening group interventions) which are essentially very practical were also delivered remotely – with good success.

What might initially have been considered a ‘second choice’ training experience has now become the first choice of settings too far afield for us to visit where there is significant need and no local provision for tier 1(universal) support.

Remote activity also lends itself to CPD opportunities for senior leaders in specific roles. Therapists can coach individuals to undertake specific activities and then support them with analysing results and putting together an action plan. A Communication Environment Audit is an excellent example of this.

Soundswell therapists are currently supporting an EYFS setting near London via a combination of remote training and senior staff coaching.

If you would like to know more about Wellcomm training, how to deliver Attention & Listening interventions or carry out a Communication Environment audit, email info@soundswellspeech.com

Written by Diana McQueen

April 26, 2021

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