Parent Coffee Morning at Handsworth Girls School
"It was lovely to see the volume of families and their engagement. Parents really enjoyed and appreciated the session today"

In a well attended and lively parent coffee morning Soundswell’s Nicki addressed a number of important issues.

Parents at Handsworth Wood Girls Academy were able to find out more about how their young person experiences language difficulties and the impact of these in both  learning and social situations.

The areas covered included

  • Overview of typical speech, language and communication difficulties in secondary age pupils.
  • Impact of having SLCNs. ( Speech, Language and Communications Needs)
  • What we can do to help – tiers of intervention.
  • Rolling programme of support for parents (future workshops) – let us know what you would like!

It may have surprised some families to learn that 

  1. Children with SLCN may gain fewer GCSEs A-C than peers without SLCNs , one study found – 15% vs 57%  (Bercow)
  2. Children with SLCNs are also more likely to present with mental health issues and behavioural challenges.

Parents were able to watch a video of a young person with SLCN- and this really brings home how these difficulties affect all areas of life.

You can watch the same video clip here Meet Seb – YouTube 

With some audience participation and simple strategies to support those with SLCN the session was a resounding success.

So much so that Nicki received  this lovely feedback 

A massive thank you and well done for today.

It was lovely to come and see the volume of families and their engagement.  Parents really enjoyed and appreciated the session today. Look forward to many more”

SENCO & EAL lead

We’re looking forward to delivering the next session from a list of topics chosen by the parents  

March 13, 2024

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Soundswell were thrilled to show Steve Jamieson (RCSLT CEO) the difference good collaborative working makes to children with complex SLCN needs at St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School