Emily’s Favourite Language App
It's bright, engaging, has an English accent (whoop!) and rewarding.

Emily’s Favourite Language App

It’s bright, engaging, has an English accent (whoop!) and rewarding.

There is a small reward activity to complete after each 3 instructions (adding something to a rocket) to motivate the user – and after every 12 instructions, a rocket blasts off with a countdown first.

I find it’s highly motivating and I often use it as a ‘reward’ at the end of a session. It’s often requested by children who’ve had a go before.

Oh, and you can save work on there so if you have a regular client, they can progress through the stages.

I believe it costs around £3 and there are additional ‘add-on’ apps to target action words etc.

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Emily x


March 18, 2019

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