Distance is no object

Distance is no object

Staff at Ivingswood are actively seeking to raise attainment in their EYFS and, to that end, have commissioned some practical help, all of which will be delivered remotely.

They will be receiving a bespoke package which will be packed into the equivalent of 4 X half-days.

Here is their ‘menu’


Communication Environment Audit

  • Training  the EYFS manager to carry out the audit, interpret the results and put together an action plan.  The tool we use has both qualitative and quantitative descriptors and can be revisited to measure impact further down the line

Main course

Training for all EYFS staff to:

  1. Screen and set up intervention groups using the Wellcomm Toolkit
  2. Set up and run Attention & Listening intervention groups (the route to follow for those children who are just not ready for Wellcomm)


Trouble-shooting support for staff as they get their intervention groups underway

If this has whetted your appetite, contact us at info@soundswellspeech.com

Written by: Diana McQueen

April 30, 2021

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