Covid – don’t take your eye off the ball!
Within recent weeks I-CAN have published a new report ’Speaking Up for the Covid Generation’.

Within recent weeks I-CAN have published a new report ’Speaking Up for the Covid Generation’.

It paints a worrying picture of nearly 1.5 million children struggling to speak and to understand what other people say to them. Both primary and secondary school teachers are concerned that without further support from the Government, the Covid generation are at risk of being left with poor skills, fewer job opportunities and more mental health concerns. 

I-CAN makes a rallying call: “Without help, children‘s prospects look bleak. It is time to raise our voices to give children theirs. The Covid generation need us to defend their future”

The report contains new and very worrying statistics.  Click on the link and read them for yourselves 

As ever I-CAN is solution-focussed and states that decisions need to be taken immediately.  The Government has a choice to either invest millions (and it will take millions) now after children have missed out on months of opportunities to develop their speaking and understanding, or pay far greater sums later after their lives have been damaged.

The social, emotional and economic impact of poor language skills has been a frequent topic of debate in our blog.  How much more difficult it is to ‘put right’ entrenched difficulties once the cycle of disadvantage and failure is established and life chances compromised.

In the context of money already spent to tackle Covid and Covid-related spin-offs, funding support for the 1.5 million children and young people at risk is entirely reasonable – as investment in our children’s and our society’s future.

Written by Diana McQueen

August 25, 2021

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